Vocal Synthesizer Wiki

These are a list of the current administrators and moderators of the Vocal Synthesizer Wiki. See Help:User rights for more information and Special:Listusers for the a listing. Also see Special:ListGroupRights for a more in depth summary of each of the individual user rights. To see when users were promoted, see Special:Log/rights.

List of Administrators[]

Name Groups Activity Info
User:MeerkatQueen founder, bureaucrat, sysop Active Huge vocal synth nerd with various limited and rare VOCALOIDs, and duplicates of other VOCALOIDs, including their favorite, SeeU. Also, they live here.
Usually available for contact but may not be available from time to time due to personal reasons.
User:Bunai Di bureaucrat, sysop Active Admin of the Gaiapedia as well as joint admin of other wikis. Main purpose is to keep the Vocaloid wiki organized. Tends to take breaks but is available for contact.

As of 2020 April she is spread out among various wikis in need of maintenance. Any onsite request must make direct contact using walls or social media.