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Tsurumaki Maki ((つる)(まき)マキ) is a Japanese VOICEROID+ voicebank by AH-Software Co. Ltd.. She is capable of speaking and was the first female voice for the plus engine, released in November 2010. Her software was later upgraded to VOICEROID+ EX in October 2014. In late December 2020, it was announced that she would be receiving talk and singing voicebanks for CeVIO AI and Synthesizer V Studio respectively in both Japanese and English.

Her original voice provider was Tamiyasu Tomoe ((たみ)(やす)ともえ), which is the official name of the VOICEROID product.[2] In late December 2020, it was announced that she will be receiving a new voice provider for her CeVIO and Synthesizer V AI voicebanks. Her new voice provider will be the voice actress Tanaka Manami (()(なか) ()()()).[3]


Maki's character first appeared as one of the mascot characters of Jam Band (jamバンド). This is a special edition of "Music Maker Producer Edition" which is a DAW released by AH-Software. Maki plays the guitar in her band with the other mascot characters.


She is a young adult with blonde hair and green eyes. She wears a stylized school uniform consisting of a cream colored top, brown collar with a yellow ribbon, brown pleated skirt, striped stockings, and brown boots. Her accessories include alternating red and white hair beads and black headphones.

Her interface features her Jam Band costume, a white blouse with a tie and open chest area revealing a red top followed by a skirt, socks, and platform shoes. The accessories are black arm sleeves and a headset. This is the costume seen on her VOICEROID interface.

For her CeVIO AI Japanese design she wares a white a white crop top shirt with a black pattern and the numbers “1964”. Underneath is a red tank top. On her shoulders is a oversized grey jacket. She has short black shorts with a white belt that is not tucked in through her pant loops. She has long red socks with white stripes starting at her upper thighs. Her shoes are orange, white and black sneakers. She wares many accessories, such as a crimson bracelet and necklace, a black chocker, colorful buttons on the sleeves of her jacket, and a blue hair ribbon. Her hair is golden and long, pulled into a ponytail. In both designs, her eyes are emerald colored.

The design of her English CeVIO AI voicebank is reminiscent of her VOICEROID box art. Her shirt and skirt are styled after a school uniform. The main colors are cream and olive green. A big yellow bow decorates the top half of the shirt. She wares short white socks and the same sneakers as the Japanese design. Around her neck is a pair of black headphones with a red and silver design. Her long gold hair is wavy and let down.

For her Synthesizer V Japanese design, she dons a white dress shirt with a black and red bow on her chest and a cropped black jacket with a red plaid patterned skirt. She wears black fringe-tipped leggings with black knee-length boots and black fingerless gloves. Her hair has been tied into two braids on her left side with two beaded strands extending from the back. A long transparent ribbon extends from her waist with white polka dots down to her knees.

For her Synthesizer V English design, she sports a red and white sleeveless top adorned with golden accents and matching epaulets on her shoulders with a skirt hanging from her left hip and a pair of black short shorts. She wears mismatching black star-cut leggings with red platform sneakers and black finger-less gloves. Her hair has been tied into braids on her left side with a sheer transparent ribbon on the back of her head. A long red and white half skirt extends from her waist while a white and red ribbon is attached at the top.

Official backstory and profile[]

According to her Jam Band profile, her birthday is on September 15th. She lives alone with her father, because her mother died very young. She wants to buy a dachshund. Her father was a band musician; when Maki was born, he retired from music and opened his cafeteria named "Maki", where his food specialty is seasoned eggs.[4][5]

In the book "Hajimari Music Maker MX and VOCALOID3", more information was released about her character, as well as her other bandmates.[1]

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Private
  • Height: Private
  • Weight: Private
  • Favorite Phrase: "Go go gyungyun!" (「ぎゅんぎゅん行くよー!」; Gyungyun iku you!)
  • Special Move: Great Electric Fire (グレート・エレキ・ファイヤー)
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Guitar Type: Fender Mustang
  • Leader of: Jam Band
  • Birthday: September 15th
  • Sign: Virgo
  • Blood Type: A+
  • Favorite Food: Lasagne
  • Hated Food: None
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Historical Figure: Mother Teresa of Calcutta
  • She is not good with word games.
  • Hobbies: Watching sports, watching movies, reading.
  • Favorite Movies: Streets of Fire, Strictly Ballroom[6].


  • Unoka - Same voice provider (Tamiyasu Tomoe)
  • Jam Band - A female music group that includes a robot.
  • Mitarashi Mary - Fellow Jam Band member.



A contest to design a new outfit for Maki was held from March 26 to April 30, 2020. The contest winners were revealed May 15th, 2020[7], with one grand prize winner, two runner ups, six honorable mentions, and three select choices from Umetani Atarö, LESS Kitayama, and Tomohide Ogata. Every winning design, including the honorable mentions, will be made into official merchandise for Maki.[8]

On July 30th, 2020, the official illustration of the Grand Prize design, illustrated by Umetani Ataro, was revealed and added to the contest page.[9]


Tsurumaki Maki - Tamiyasu Tomoe
In comparison to the previous vocals, Tsukuyomi Shouta and Tsukuyomi Ai, Maki is a mature female voice. Maki is the first VOICEROID not to have censorship. Her target audience is adults.
Tsurumaki Maki - Tanaka Manami
  • Tsurumaki Maki Talk (CeVIO AI), TBA
  • Tsurumaki Maki Talk English (CeVIO AI), TBA
  • Tsurumaki Maki (Synthesizer V Studio & AI), June 18, 2021
  • Tsurumaki Maki English (Synthesizer V Studio & AI), June 18, 2021



Her success lead to an additional voicebank for VOICEROID+ EX as well as an update for her illustration.


  • First female voice for the VOICEROID+ engine.
  • Second female VOICEROID to be updated to VOICEROID+ EX.
  • First VOICEROID character with an additional backstory.
  • First non-native English Synthesizer V character.


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