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No.7 (also known as SEVEN), is a character created for the NEUTRINO software. She is capable of singing in Japanese.

She is voiced by the Japanese voice actress Koiwai Kotori (()(いわ)() ことり).



No.7 has short white hair that fades to a greyish purple at the ends. It is tied in a tight braid close to her head on each side in the back. She also has two ahoge, one that sticks up and one dangling infront of her face. Both ahoge have the reverse color scheme compared to her head, as they fade from dark to white. She has 3 triangle hair clips on her left side: one blue which is a outline, one fucia, and one yellow, with the latter two being solid. Her headphones are black with points that fade from blue, pink, then white and are detached from eachother. They also have her logo over her ears. She wears a loose, semi-transparent hoodie with purple and blue trim and details, as well as a yellow bow on the back over her middle and a tight one-piece that is white on her left and black on her right with a loose collor heled together with a gold clasp. The jacket also has her logo over her front-right side and her shirt has her name in yellow. She wears a fishnet stocking on her right leg. Her shoes are heels which tie up like sneakers ang go well over her ankles and have the toes exposed. The outer part of her shoes is black while the inside is yellow with a white outline and laces. The tounge is purple with a vertical black stripe going through the center.



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