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MEIKA Hime & Mikoto (鳴花(メイカ)ヒメ・ミコト) are Japanese VOCALOIDs developed and distributed by Gynoid Co., Ltd.. They were released for the VOCALOID5 engine in March 2019.

They were voiced by the Japanese voice actress Koiwai Kotori (()(いわ)() ことり).


Hime and Mikoto represent the "spirit" ((せい)(れい)) of plum flowers.

The illustrator gave no official statement of their genders, making the characters genderless in Gynoid's eyes. Gynoid notes that they are not human beings and are instead a part of the spiritual world.[1]


Their surname is officially rendered as "MEIKA" in capital letters.[3]

During the sketching stage of their designs, Hime was nicknamed "cute" and Mikoto "cool" by the artists as the final names were not decided yet.[4]


When listening to their voices during the recording process, miwasiba intended to create a design that was reminiscent to flower's. As time progressed, a girlish character was done alongside a boyish one with a clear distinction between the two.[4]

When asked if hair color served any significance, Gynoid answered that they don't believe so and that it was up to their illustrator to answer that question.[5] Although the hair color may hint at the Japanese folklore of Aka-Oni and Ao-Oni, a set of characters who are foils to one another in personality and actions.[6]


  • Gynoid noted that it is undecided if Hime and Mikoto are sisters.[sic][7]
  • Koeno Tsubasa - Same voice provider
  • No.7 - Same voice provider
  • flower - fellow Gynoid character whose design inspired their character design.



Hime and Mikoto have official MikuMikuDance models made by mqdl and 2D images by niijimaakiichi.[8]

Gynoid did not give permission until the April 4, 2019 to allow works for them on Crypton Future Media, Inc.'s "Piapro" website. As of this date, MEIKA Hime and Mikoto, as well as Xin Hua, can all be posted onto the site.[9]


A feminine vocal with a girlish tone.
MEIKA Mikoto
A feminine vocal with a boyish tone.
  • MEIKA Hime & Mikoto (VOCALOID5), March 30, 2019
MEIKA Hime - Talk
A talk voicebank was released for Gynoid Talk.
MEIKA Mikoto - Talk
A talk voicebank was released for Gynoid Talk.



  • First VOCALOID5 vocals from Gynoid.
  • First vocals for Gynoid Talk.


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