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LEORA is the last Alter/Ego vocal to be released on the engine. She is the second vocal developed by VoxWave, and the first to be produced in collaboration with Chorical. She is voiced by TBKitsune and illustrated by Saphirya.[1]


LEORA is both the second French vocal and first vocal to be bilingual in French and English. Both voicebanks will come with a "Core" and "Power" aspect, including multi-pitch capabilities, and a crossfade feature. After full release, she will be the final official Alter/Ego voicebank developed for the software.[2]


The name "LEORA" is rooted in numerous cultures, but most commonly is derived from a meaning of light, or "shining light".


LEORA's concept is prominent in her design. Described as having an "Ares and Aphrodite" avatar, she is the polar opposite to her counterpart, ALYS. Contrasting ALYS' blue and black, LEORA sports a red and white color scheme (albeit with black accents). She has common virtual singer tropes such as waveforms, a headset, and a microphone with an almost RPG-like stand.


LEORA is designed with a more "rebellious" approach in mind to her character. She embodies "Ares and Aphrodite" to ALYS' "Athena" nature, designed to cover concepts ALYS cannot. LEORA was also introduced with the idea to learn to improve ALYS. In short she was created to make ALYS's world more "dense".[3]



Several weeks before a formal announcement was made, cosplayers were sent pictures of the design. She was officially announced on June 30th, 2016.[4]

On April 7th, 2017 it was announced in a YouTube video uploaded onto VoxWave's account that LEORA would be bilingual in French and English. Each language would come with two voice styles, "Core" and "Power" which would make use of the multi-pitch capabilities introduced to the engine. Following this, pre-alpha demos of the "Core" and "Power" French voicebanks uploaded separately. [5]

Pre-orders were launched at a discounted price on April 8th, 2017. Those who pre-ordered would receive the French beta upfront and the English as a free update.

LEORA's first original song made a debut in the album "Emancipation". The song, titled "Fugitive", accumulated a total of 5,000+ views on YouTube.

VoxWave has noted that an album of songs written for LEORA will be released and titled, "Ambition".

Despite having a release goal of fall 2018, it was pushed back. On June 1, 2019, VoxWave held a live-stream with news about the development of LEORA.[6] They revealed that the voicebank was now being developed in association with Chorical[7], with a goal of release before Christmas.

On April 2, 2020, a new original song titled "Rébellion" by Delphine P. was posted to the VoxWave YouTube channel demonstrating the finalized French voicebank.[8]

LEORA's finished voicebank was released on April 11, 2020. Users who had previously owned her were notified of an update being received by email.[9]

Additionally, users may report bugs for both LEORA and ALYS' voicebanks through this form.

On December 15, 2021, in result of VoxWave becoming defunct months earlier, her counterpart ALYS was released for free as open source. When asked about wheather or not LEORA would soon follow, developer P'undrak said there were no plans at the moment, as the rights to ALYS went to him where as he was unsure of where the rights to LEORA went.[10]


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