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flower (フラワ) is a Japanese VOCALOID initially developed and distributed by the YAMAHA Corporation, and was created in collaboration with Gynoid Co., Ltd.. Her VOCALOID product name is v flower (ブイフラワ) and she was released in May 2014 for the VOCALOID3 engine. Her voice provider has never been revealed. Her update to the VOCALOID4 engine was solely developed by Gynoid and released in July 2015.[1][2]

In July 2020, a voicebank was confirmed to be in the works for CeVIO's new engine, CeVIO AI.[3][4] It is expected to release in Autumn to Winter 2022.[5][6]



Originally, the VOCALOID's name was written as "flower" while the software was listed as "v flower". It is not uncommon for "v flower" to be used to refer to both character and software by fans, though this is usually done in error.

The name "flower" is based on the wish of her "blooming like a flower" in VOCALOID.[7]

The "V" in the product name "v flower" simply means "VOCALOID".

Her Mobile VOCALOID release is known as "v for flower" and is the only release with a different name for the App.


Owed to the confusion caused by "androgynous" being used to describe her voice, she is occasionally misgendered. However, the official Twitter stated flower is female.[8]

flower's box art illustration was done by Yamako while the character design was done by Rocoru. Both artists are members of HoneyWorks, the circle who made flower's first demo. Her clothing appears to have a Gothic theme, with her outfit possessing traditional Gothic characteristics.

flower's V4 design was originally drawn in July 2014 by the artist, miwasiba. The appearance was originally done as fanart and was a "shota" version of flower.[9] The official flower Twitter account noted that the new VOCALOID4 design was the "short-haired" version of flower, while the original VOCALOID3 version was the "long-haired" version.[10] The official Twitter account said that the design was to reflect how flower herself is now "perfect flower", having both a "pistil" (long haired version) and "stamen" (short haired version).[11] This comment resulted in some confusion believing the character was intersex. However, it was noted by the account that flower has a "pistil" (female reproductive organ). The Twitter account also stated that the change of hairstyle did not change her nature.[12] Miwasiba also confirmed flower is still a girl on the VOCALOID Facebook page and reference sheets despite adopting a "shota" design.[13][14]

In her CeVIO AI boxart, flower has light blue eyes and choppy, white, shoulder length hair with orangey-pink tips. Two thicker strands are dark purple. The tips of her hair curl around chunky, violet, strapless headphones. She wears a white V-neck crop top over a partially see-through grayish-purple tank top. Over her shirt, she wears a heavy black coat with her stylized ‘C’ logo printed on the shoulder in gold. The inside of her coat is light purple. Her shorts are black with vertical burnt orange stripes, held fast by a clear belt with orange belt buckle. On her feet are large grey and midnight purple hightop tennis shoes, with orange laces over purple and orange knee-high socks. Her long fingernails are painted a soft lavender color.


According to her official website, flower is described as a kuudere.




In April 2014, flower was promoted through a HoneyWorks original song, "Inokori Sensei". The character rights were owned by Gynoid Co., Ltd. despite being released before the company was fully established in August 2014.

In April of 2022, flower's new CeVIO AI details were unveiled in affiliation with the community song contest, "The VOCALOID Collection".[16] The VOCALOID Collection account announced that there would be a campaign of flower stickers available at Nico Nico Chokaigi's "Super Painter Exhibition", where the final illustration for the voice would be displayed.

On April 29, 2022 flower's CeVIO AI illustration was revealed at the 2022 Nico Nico Chokaigi "Super Painter Exhibition". Her illustrator was revealed to be Oguchi.[17][18] A press release from Gynoid Co., Ltd. on the same day revealed that a new company INCS Toenter Co., Ltd. was decided to handle the release of flower between Autumn to Winter of 2022. She was announced to have three purchase options available including:


v flower
flower's "v flower" vocal is regarded as a vocal that has an androgynous tone, meaning that it has a lack of feminine or masculine traits. It can therefore be used as both male and female roles in music. Her vocal is suitable for genres such as rock music and favors faster tempos over slow.
flower - Talk
This is a talk vocal for flower.[19]



Ignoring non-relevant results, flower's popularity peeked in April 2014, the month before her release according to Google Trends.

The song Inokori Sensei has reached the 1 million views mark.


  • First VOCALOID from Gynoid.
  • First Japanese VOCALOID from Gynoid.
  • First VOCALOID from Gynoid to be updated to VOCALOID4.
  • First VOCALOID fully developed by Gynoid (V4 flower package).


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